Brazos VIP : 53% Off at Molly’s Eatery in Downtown Bryan

Try Downtown Bryan’s latest taste sensation, Molly’s Eatery. They are fast becoming famous for their delicious, well-prepared soups, sandwiches, omelettes, ice cream concoctions, and pies of all varieties.

Taste what all the fuss is about with this deal: $7 buys $15 to spend on Molly’s Classic American Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Treats!

Get this deal now at >>

You feel like you’re at your family home, provided your family can COOK and likes to FEED YOU!

Portion sizes make you think each dish should be carried out be a small grandmotherly woman saying “eat, eat, eat… you’re so skinny” in a charming old-world accent.

Take the family to Molly’s or take a date…or take yourself. You need to get there and try it. You too will be telling your friends!


“Reubens are my favorite. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on that sandwich. I ordered it just the way the Chef recommended and they knocked my favorite sandwich out of the park! Grand slam! The meat was excellent, the bread was fresh and not soggy at all, the dressing…well that made the sandwich!” David F. via

“I have been here now twice this week and will be dining back regularly. All of the food is homemade and so delicious!” Ashley B. via


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